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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Professional support of a Facebook page includes the creation of posts on a specially prepared for each specific business plan, following an individual development strategy. We offer profitable advertising on Facebook that will not only recoup your investment, but will also find you new customers and revenue, give you information about where you are on the market, what interests your customers and how to be even more effective in offering your product and service. Our publications aim to present your business in its best light, inform users of its benefits, attract new leads and increase audience engagement with your brand.
This leads to more effective and cheaper Facebook advertising when you reinforce a post. Through the right combination of quality vision and text content, we will help your business to be advertised in the best advertising model.

Here's a look at the methodology by which we will take care of the professional support of your business's social networks.

It combines the optimal number and type of posts, which together we will specify. For the support of an online store's Facebook page, we also add carousel posts that have the ability to place direct links to the site, thus being a great way to generate traffic and direct sales.

Each social networking support plan includes analysis, strategy building and implementation of good practices that we have mastered with years of practice and daily work in the field of digital marketing and advertising on social networks:

• Analysis of the current status of the page. Detection and analysis of good and bad practices applied so far.
• Discuss the goals you want to achieve through advertising. Discussion and clarification of the targets for the offered goods and services.
• Study the niche of the respective business, as well as its positioning relative to the competitors in the market.
• Propose a workable online marketing and remarketing strategy to achieve the goals. Reaching new leads, as well as strengthening the trust of current customers.
• Activity analysis and survey of the behavior of the current fan base. Propose a strategy lifting the percentage of completed purchases of goods or services.
• Create content that provokes reactions and activity on the page. Respectively, a decrease in the potential cost of paid advertising to Facebook.
• Validation of an active community of current brand fans who have confidence in the products and/or services offered. Generate content that invites feedback and building communication and customer connection. Building a community around the brand.
• Attract new potential fans and customers who in turn would recommend the brand to their acquaintances and friends. Extending the initial target to the limit of the possible range of consumers who would be interested in the products and services offered.
• Periodic analysis of the results achieved. Identifying profitable aspects. Analysis of working solutions and planning of their expansion and implementation in order to positively increase the interest and sales of the brand.

Each plan can be modified according to the needs and goals of the brand.